Amy –

Victim Location 99654

Total money lost $36.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company advertised neck hammocks to relieve neck pain on a Facebook ad. They show photos of the neck hammock in use with your head elevated off the floor, with the neck hammock hanging from a door handle. They tell people who ask on the comments on Facebook that they ship the product from all over the world including the USA. They also advertise a fast 100% guaranteed refund. The product that arrives comes with no instructions on how to use it, I had to scour the internet to find out how to properly install it, and it is very cheaply made and doesn’t actually work. When the product hangs from a standard door handle, it touches the floor, therefore not elevating your head to provide neck pain relief as advertised. It’s as good as laying on your own cheap pillow on the floor and provides no relief. If you try to use the door frame method to hang the hammock, the strapping isn’t thick enough and the hammock slides right out of the door and hits the floor. I contacted the company and requested a full refund and they ignored my request, and instead asked for a video of the product to assist them. I sent photos and a video and requested the refund again and they ignored my request again and instead they sent me instructions for use. I requested a refund again, telling them I already found instructions for use and they said they can only offer me 20% refund. I have sent countless emails to this company and they continually give me the run around with their broken English replies. They insist I do not ship the hammocks back to the address they came from (which is from Chino, CA) and say they will not refund my money in full unless I send their faulty merchandise back to CHINA for them, AT MY EXPENSE! I went through PayPal’s claim process and the company increased their offer to give me 60% of my cost back and to keep the hammocks that don’t work, when prior to they wouldn’t give me more than 50% back, but they are scamming people into believing they offer 100% fast refunds when they do not. They are sending products that don’t even work!! And are dangerous to boot! They use many different emails including this one: [email protected] If you try to dispute it with your credit card company they will tell you the product must be sent back first and it has to be sent back to the address the company requests it be sent to (CHINA!!) before they will dispute anything. The whole process is tiring and you end up losing money and precious time and having junky hammocks that don’t work in its place.

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