Vonazon Inc

Jeremiah –

Victim Location 43209

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by [email protected] with this message: Hello Applicant,

We at Amazon, Inc receive your Resume for the Position of Graphic

Designer posted with “ANGELLIST”. Vonazon, Inc are in need of your


You’re among the Candidates shortlisted for an online chat Interview

with Vonazon, Inc Senior Recruiter/Human Resources. This interview

will be coming up on Tuesday 20TH of August 2019 by 08:00AM PDT.

This interview process is chat based online through Google Hangout.

You’re to contact the Senior Recruiter/ HR Mrs JENNIFER NOMURA on

Google Hangouts ([email protected]) to confirm and

acknowledge the receipt of this email and to schedule your interview

and confirm your availability.

The Google Hangout email again for the interview is [email protected]

Thank You,

Recruitment Office

Vonazon, Inc.

410 E. Main Street

The Hangout went through with someone named Brenda King, and lasted 2 hours! At the end, they said they wanted to send me a check and buy office supplies. The whole thing seemed off, so I did a google search to find this common scam. Luckily I realized it before any money was involved but they do have my contact info, and 2 hours of my day that I can’t get back.

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