VPS Recovery

Rebekah –

Victim Location 70517

Type of a scam Debt Collections

When I was contacted today the guy (representative) informed me of a pay day loan company ‘Cash Net USA’ was suing me for over $2039.92 and that I had 24 hours to appear in court upon receiving my legal documents which were to be delivered on tomorrow. What made it so believable was that the representative listed all my bank info from a previous account, my former address, and former vehicle that I had owned. I did take out a Cash Net USA personal loan out but that was years ago. The representative also told me that to avoid court fees I could pay 1 lump sum now, complete a payment plan of $250 for 8 months, or make 1 payment of $796 and my account would be paid in full. I received the email via docu sign, which I signed it. I was so nervous because I didn’t want to go to jail and I signed up for the payment plan of $250 to be taken out on my next pay date. At the time, I was at work a nervous wreck and really was not paying any mind to what he was saying except that I needed to get this cleared up ASAP. The red flag started kicking in when he stated that the company doesn’t receive ACH instead I had to pay via visa or master card and I did because I was nervous and scared. Once I got off work, I contacted Cash Net USA to verify that I did not have any payment because I started realizing that I had completed all my payments. At the moment I was told that I was scammed. So I quickly contact my back and had my account frozen as well as send new bank information out.

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