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Victim Location 01757

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Company offers to get all of your student loans forgiven… Federal or Private. They gave very general answer on how the process worked.

They do not have one particular website with specific information on how the program works. the Company’s number is listed on many similar yet vague sites:








I’m sure there are dozens more.

The sites are promoted on Facebook and aimed at students who went to these colleges. I found the this web site from a facebook ad.

I submitted my phone number and e-mail through the website an agent left me a voice mail "Hi, this message is for***. I’m calling in regards to the federal forgiveness program. I have your follow up feel free to call me back at 310-289-4473 ext 531. If you can go ahead and ask for Kim. Hope to hear from you soon." Kim asked me me a few questions about my loan. Then asked me to hold while she check with her manager. 10 seconds latter she said I can apply to have all my loans paid for. She started asking for my personal info so I could sign up but I said I’m not give my social security number, she said she cannot track my loan :private loan" with the dept of education with out it and subsequently could not go forward with the program. AT that point I hung up.

This does not seem like a legitimate company.

When you call the main number (844-478-8487) or send your number to through one of the websites they will assign you to an "agent" to a number in CA: 1-301-289-4473

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