Waiting Till Marriage

Julia –

Victim Location 97221

Type of a scam Romance

This website called "Waiting till Marriage". They advertise Fake people and fake virgins. They claim that people at the site are waiting. Actuality they are predators and talking shameless things. Additionally they have fake set up for products and services. The members tried to message me and start conversations with me. They advertise to be virgins when actually they are vulgar and talk openly vulgarity. Additionally they might be harming true virgins and preying on true virgins. I suggest that you take a serious look at the site and investigate and shut it down, It is a bogus site that claims to help virgins or waiters. There are luring virgins to this site and there are creepy predators that are looking to harm virgins at that site! Half the guys at this site are married. I do not have any documented proof to put the owner behind bars and they are using vulgar talk in groups.

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