Tommy –

Victim Location 53151

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received the attached letter and $1370 cashiers check. Do a purchase at Walmart, complete the task within 24 hours and keep an extra $100. All very strange since I never applied for such a job or task. I did a search of wal2walfunshop.com and SecretShoppers website and found scamadviser.com saw it as a new site with scam reporting. I called the number who stated the wal2walfunshop.com domain was his, but that this particular email address, letter and check wasn’t from him. He said he was a retired Walmart & Walgreen’s executive and was a one person business. If true, then this domain name is his and he was the scammer. I tried calling the bank of the cashiers check, but was put on hold forever. Must say this looks and sounds very real. He has done a good job covering his tracks except that we never applied anywhere to be a secret shopper and someone sending you a $1370 check with the instructions to do a task before the check clears is quite suspicious.

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