Walker and sons llc

Dominic –

Victim Location 26542

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They have called multiple times to multiple family members to locate my wife. They are trying to collect money for a cell phone debt that doesn’t exist. They are asking her to make a lesser amount immediately to clear the debt. They are threatening to take it to court. There claim is it is on her credit report and she’s been sent multiple letters. She has not received any mailings and some of the addresses that have been used no one knows who’s it is. As far as her credit report it does not show up on her credit… They claim the debt is from 2006 at US Cellular. She never had a contract with them. The company Walker and Sons has no website I can find. I did manage to find other people reporting it as a scam. The number they use comes back to Montana. They are threatening legal action and attached wages in which my wife is diabled.. I called them and they are very argumentative and rude..

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