Walmart-Mistery Shopper

Raymond –

Victim Location 77705

Type of a scam Employment

Out of work, trying to get a job on-line I put my personal information in this questionnaire to be a mystery shopper. Henry Diggs store Manager was on Walmart, Mystery Shopper Team, stating I was approved for a job mystery shopping at Walmart. A Chris Smith sent me a cheque for $1,955.00 in the mail with a letter by FedEx by Priority Mail. Also, they gave me instruction to call an 813-320-6509 number and talk to Neal Carson. Neal will tell me how much to spend at, how much to send them back and how much I keep. They told me to send them back $840.00, keep $255.00 + an extra $55.00 for secret shopping Western Union Stores. Well I took this to my bank, I was going to put this in my account, then the cashier instructed me to go see the account clerk at the bank. The account clerk put in the routing numbers to the check and found out it was fraud. I was so shock, I thank her, when I went home, in the mail was two more cheque they wanted me to cash $2460.00 and $2410.00 with more instructions. I was so mad, I brought them to the BBB, so it could be reported.

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