Walmart Shopper’s, Inc

Robyn –

Victim Location 32709

Type of a scam Employment

I was sent a cashier’s check from Capitol One Bank in the amount of $3,150.00 and was asked to purchase 3 iPhone 6s’, one that was 16GB, one that was 64GB, and one that was 128GB. I am then to keep $250.00 of the remaining money that is leftover from the purchase of the phones for my salary. That leaves $650.00 leftover after the $2,250.00 for the phones and my $250.00 for the job. After paying taxes for the phones, which comes out of the $650.00, I am to mail the iPhone’s FedEx Express next day air to an address not yet disclosed until I email them and tell them that I have received the check and instructions. I am to keep $50.00 out of the remaining $650.00 after taxes and shipping costs, for my next assignment. The remainder of that money is to be put into an envelope in cash and sent in the same box as the iPhone’s. I do not know if this is a legitimate company or if it’s someone trying to scam me. I tried searching for them in the database and no results were found. This company is called "Walmart Shopper’s Inc.", and they contacted me via email. I did not have to pay any money out -of-pocket to start this but I am still very leery on depositing this check. If this job is legitimate I would love to make some extra income while being a full-time student with no job. This income would really help me with my monthly expenses but I don’t want to be scammed.

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