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Jon –

Victim Location 32164

Type of a scam Employment

I was laid off from my job so my household was in distress financially, which put me back out there looking for employment. I applied for anything and everything I possibly could to gain steady employment. There was a secret shopper job that required no experience and paid you to shop at different stores. Months passed by and I was still struggling financially with my family. I came home from picking my girls up from school and checked the mailbox as I normally do. I saw this Priority Mail package addressed to me. I was thinking it was something else about to be repossessed or certified letter for default on payments so I hesitated to open because I just did not want to hear anymore bad news. I waited for an hour or two and finally opened the envelope and to my surprise it was a check in the amount of $1920.00. I didn’t get excited because things that are normally to good to be true, basically are. Because I don’t trust putting anybody’s check into my account, I just did not trust this package. I began doing research and ran across another person telling their story about the exact same information that I received but the amount was more. I don’t understand why people will try to hurt and rob others in this way. The world is hard enough trying to survive, but when you have no income and you have children to take care, for someone to try and scam like this should be a crime.

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