Ward Torres

Taryn –

Victim Location 27519

Type of a scam Employment

Applied for seasonal job as gift wrapper for Ward & Torres, found job on Indeed.com. They interviewed me by phone after filling out application and hired me and gave me access to portal where I filled out payroll info and other forms. They shipped me their high end wrapping paper and ribbon and video tutorial on how to wrap the packages they would send me. After each package was wrapped I was sent a shipping label on their portal to print and drop off at post office. For every package wrapped and mailed on time you received a fee. I along with another friend and a young lady I referred who is in school with a baby in hospital took on job to make extra income for holidays. When it was time to get paid we were not paid and we were deactivated rom the site and none of the contact numbers we had for HR worked and the supervisors were not responding to emails from personal email account. This weekend the young lady I referred to job had a police officer come to her moms house with a warrant for her arrest due to this part time job saying they were using her name on stolen credit cards to purchase items. Now I am concerned because I felt something fishy was going on when they deactivated everyone around pay day and we no longer could contact them. I submitted a report to indeed.com to investigate the company because we found it on their website. I sent them all the screen shots of portal, emails from HR and supervisor, training documents that I had but still have not heard back I think it is totally unfair that someone I referred to this job had to turn themselves in and post bail for stolen credit card info for packages we were gift wrapping for a company we were hired part time for. Now I am afraid the company was doing something illegal and we may all face trouble including others that may have done the job not knowing they were not a legit establishment. Is there anything you can do to help with this case.

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