Ward & Torres Printing Service

Kenneth –

Victim Location 28075

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Employment

I applied to a number of jobs on indeed and Craigslist when I got fired from my job. Well this company reached out to me about a work from Home position so I responded. A person by the name of Jenny contacted me asked me some interview questions then said they would get back to me if I was a fit for the position. I waiting and continued my job search them about a week later I receive an email that someone will be in contact to go over things it was a congrats letter. I was ok with it so about another week passed and I received a call from HR stating that a dashboard would be set up and there I would find my filing documents to sign and return to them. As well as my first package which contained wrapping paper. I said Ok and the about seven days later the paper came and another package which was some kind of sports drink I knew I didn’t order it so I contacted the company requesting someone contact me ASAP. Peter did he was my supervisor soon explained I didn’t know if this way from them or not and he said it was a trail package and that I would need to wrap and take picture them mail it out so I did. Then the next package came I did the same the second package I was told I had to go to Apple store for pick up I went and wrapped it and mailed it out. The third package was to be delivered to my house it was an Apple iPad I emailed that I haven’t gotten yet and Peter stated it was there left st front door, I went and checked abs there it was. The lady package is where things really turned for me. I was sent a message to pick up from Best Buy where I was to get a camera and wrap it and mail it out. So I did this was on a Thursday. Saturday I get a text saying I hope to are enjoying the camera well I knew I didn’t have the camera and wasn’t sure who was texting me. Well when I got home later that night I started looking through emails and messages from Ward &Torres and realized that was the Best Buy pick up. I was pissed but what can I do the company doesn’t open till Monday so I decided to go to the cops because I am no thief and I would let anyone think of me that way. I am not sure what to do but go to the cops about this company!

Gerald –

Victim Location 07106

Type of a scam Employment

Mail packed from different people under your name

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