Ward & Torres Printing Services

Carlos –

Victim Location 15017

Type of a scam Employment

Ward & Torres Printing Services initially contacted me via email saying their HR department found my resume and felt I had the skills they were looking for for their work from home position of a Gifts Wrapper. This company is allegedly based out of New Jersey and their operations are assisting clients overseas with buying merchandise in the US through Ward & Torres to then have them outsource people to reship to then internationally. Sounds like a distribution center job done from the convience of Home. This company before I started “work” even had called me for a phone interview, so I talked to a “real” person before everything. They had reached out a contract of a certain salary amount as well as bonus $. They even went so far as to offer taxes or no taxes taken out option (1099) for tax purposes. This is where they get people’s information such as bank accounts if you choose DD, or SS numbers when choosing to have taxes taken out, but also offered PayPal payment method for DD. What total garbage. Then they set you up in a training period with an online supervisor and access to the online web portal. This is where you communicate EVERYTHING. Then, come time for your training period to be done and to get paid, and you are locked out of the online account, nothing is deposited and no one will respond to you! They even go as far as blocking your number from their only online number you can find for their so called business. Sure, easy for anyone with an already full time job to see this as convienent supplemental way to earn extra money on their time. I have never felt so mortified and irate for trying to help my family, but being scammed so hard in the process, when most everything seemed to have been “by the book”. DONT SIGN UP TO WORK FOR WARD & TORRES. It really is too good to be true!!! All in all you will be reshipping stolen and wrongfully bought high ticket merchandise to god knows who! Will cause more harm than good and then you have to go through the stress of reporting everything and making sure you keep yourself and credit safe from fraud. Worst mistake of my life!

Jose –

Victim Location 49015

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Employment

I was offered the "opportunity" to work from home, reshipping products bought and shipped to me and I was to wrap them and send the to the consumer. They were supposed items from "overseas" that were cheaper in other European companies. My job was to wrap them nicely and send them out and in exchange for my work I would be paid 1500$ plus bonuses. Surprisingly I never heard of this scam so I fell victim to it. Please be aware and stay aware !

Benjamin –

Victim Location 71106

Type of a scam Employment

Applying for a job & did research on them first. I ‘had been hired’ for gift wrapping position. Looked them up & noticed they had a different name within their home page – ‘Sean&Resco’. I could not find anything about Ward & Torres in Hackensack, NJ [their HQ] so went to ScamPulse.com of NJ. Nothing there either – that was odd. So I looked up Sean&Resco – A FRAUD SITE – same scam going on under new name [surprise surprise].

I want others to know about this & NJ law enforcement too so they can get them. They did get my birthday.

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