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Hello Mr *** ***,

We appreciate your prompt reply to our recruitment announcement in the career field of Procurement. We are glad to inform you that we are ready to consider you as a candidate for our position in Ware House Trading W.H.T. SA. Ware House Trading is a leading Company, basically involved in the import-export of goods all around the world. We are mainly targeted to a direct world-wide delivery of goods which are sold exclusively in local markets and can’t be purchased in other countries.

My name is Diana Montfort, I am your Personal Supervisor and I am ready to offer you the following position.

It is a home-based work, 1099. The activity of Ware House Trading U.S. branch consists in reducing the cost of goods which we sell in the countries of European and Asian regions, improvement of service quality, and delivering to these countries the goods which are sold exclusively in the local U.S. market. This position is responsible for generation of purchase orders using company money, compilation of reports, preparation of shipping, and other administrative duties. This position doesn’t require any job interview or any investment from your side but there is a probationary period which starts as soon as you wish. This period lasts 3 weeks begins the day you decide to cooperate with us. In the meantime we could examine you as a representative of our Company, we will see how could you manage to follow all our instructions and on your part you will have time to understand the matter. The actual start date is a day when you receive first assignment from us. If you actually have a job you are not required to quit it, you can work on a part-time basis. We don’t require our work to be your principal one, you can combine it with your primary employment even after probationary period. If you combine this activity with your daily work you can specify the convenient days to complete our assignments. We always specify with you the day, the time and required time period of each assignment beforehand. To complete probationary period successfully you need to accomplish 6 assignments as minimum. You will receive your commission equal to 10% up to 15% of the purchase price for every completed assignment. After probationary period you will be hired by our Company on a regular basis. Your base salary will be $86,400.00 per year $7,200.00 per month + your commission. The amount of your commission is not limited and as a rule it is exceeds your base salary. Once probationary period is over you will receive your commission as well as your salary by check or by direct deposit to your bank account within one week.

All legal information about our Company can be found in the in the attachment to this letter with file name: LegalData.pdf.

If you wish to be considered as a candidate to this position please fill in the application form attached to this letter with file name Application form.rtf, and send it to our e-mail address. Please indicate your phone number and the best time to call you in case we will need to contact you. You don’t need to print and sign the application form, you can just fill it in, save as a file and send it by e-mail.

If you have further questions with no replies in this letter please don’t hesitate to ask me by the phone or by e-mail. Also you can call to our U.S. Toll Free number indicated below, I am at your disposal from 07:00 to 11:00 AM and from 13:00 to 19:00 PM UTC-5.

If you don’t accept our offer please send me this letter back. If I don’t receive your feedback within 5 days it will be considered as a refusal of our job offer.


Best regards,

Diana Montfort

Human Resources Specialist

Ware House Trading

1-3 rue de Chantepoulet, Geneva

Canton of Geneva 1201, Switzerland

USA Toll Free: 1-800-805-9182

Phone No: 41-225-483-307

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