Warner Spilman

Jerome –

Victim Location 34637

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I initially received a call from 305-224-0260 from someone getting my name pronunciation wrong telling me a complaint has been lodged against me and I had to call a separate number to receive more info.

When I contacted Warner Spilman about it, I was told they were collecting on a 12.5 year old medical debt I had never heard about in my life. Keep in mind the statute of limitations for medical debt collection in Florida is 7 years. They demanded my social security number and a payment of over $1100 immediately or I would be served and taken to court. I asked for more information – the initial cost of the debt, how they got it, the history of the debt, an itemized list of charges, they refused. I asked for a method of cooperation, even suggesting a delayed payment plan, they refused. I asked to be sent certified mail of all the information I had a right to see per the FTC, they refused.

Moreso, they have no mailing address to send a debt dispute letter to. I contacted the ScamPulse.com and lodged a complaint myself in hopes of preventing anyone else from giving them money.

Mallory –

Victim Location 92683

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was called and told I had to pay my debt that was owed to a company that I haven’t been associated with for over 16 years. They threatened to sue me if I did not pay. They even went as far as spoofing a number from the courthouse.

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