Warranty Insurance

Brandy –

Victim Location 46517

Type of a scam Other

For the past two months I have been receiving unsolicited phone calls from a unmentioned warranty company about my vehicle’s warranty expiring. My vehicle is going on 14 years and the certified used car dealership that I purchased it from only sold me a 2 year warranty. Each time that I received a call from the company, I let it go to voicemail and had never received a message on my voicemail. I had received a letter/mailing for renewal of my warranty expiration but I knew that it wasn’t legitimate, as I don’t have any warranty left – so I disposed off it. This time upon receiving a call, the automated man’s voice stated that this was in regards to my warranty expiring on my vehicle. It did not state what year, make and model I own, so it was suspicious. It asked if I would like to speak to a representative and I said "yes". To which it ended the call. I had seen reported fraud scams that use your information and the voice of you stating yes. So, now I am a bit concerned.

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