Benjamin –

Victim Location 75229

Total money lost $15,000

Type of a scam Other

Applied for credit, got approved, ordered product, we delivered to a 3rd party shipper, never heard from them again.

Christian –

Victim Location 04444

Total money lost $13,133.10

Type of a scam Other

Waterford completed credit application and all seemed to be legitimate. They purchased $13.133.01 in product. The invoice is past due and no one will respond to our calls or emails.

Haley –

Victim Location 46060

Total money lost $10,288

Type of a scam Other

Waterford Mgmt., Represents themselves as a "Property Management Business" and have FAKE References, of FAKE Businesses. The References Look Good to the under Typical Scrutiny. They get Approved by the Vendor, THEN they Order, and include their Bill Of Lading with a National Carrier Ship their Order to them in Minnesota. Or so the Bill of Lading Says. They NEVER PAY THEIR BILLS… >>We have OTHER Documents from them if you would like, I would be happy to Submit them to you, Waterford Mgmt., is a TOTAL SCAM!

Tyler –

Victim Location 77803

Total money lost $14,650.58

Type of a scam Other

On 1/31/17, a Ray Goodwin at Waterford Management submitted a PO for janitorial supplies, along with a credit application. Bank and trade references checked out OK. Additionally, Waterford Management’s logistics company *** *** *** also vouched for them.

So, on 2/15/17 *** *** *** picked up the order form our warehouse and delivered it to Diamond Distributing at 10A Executive Ave., Edison, NJ 08817.

Ray Goodwin later tried to place a second order, before the first order came due. The second order was not released due to Waterford’s credit limit. Ray Goodwin then promised to produce Waterford’s financials. Ultimately, the financials never materialized.

On 3/24/17, a Gary Falcon, with Waterford’s A/P Dept., emailed a check number and check amount, after many emails, phone conversations with "actual Waterford employees", and voicemails. Our company never received the check, and Waterford eventually stopped replying to any/all attempts to gain a status update on payment.

Dana –

Victim Location 11356

Total money lost $11,000

Type of a scam Other

Company had gone through their credit application process, supplying both professional references and banking information, all of which appeared to check out. At that point, sales agreements were signed and Waterford Management contracted with third-party shipping companies to pick up cleaning supplies from these companies. After the pick-ups were made, these businesses report that Waterford stopped communicating with them. Subsequently, it was discovered the banking information Waterford had submitted did not hold up to closer scrutiny. BBB has begun reviewing the companies Waterford Management listed as references. The first, Infinitera Products, claims a Minneapolis address. However, BBB has determined the entity is not at the location listed on their website. The same is true of P.G. Molin Company, another entity claiming to be located in Minneapolis. However, BBB has determined a Twin Cities professional not affiliated with P.G. Molin is actually located at that address. The third entity listed as a reference by Waterford is Tridentek (also doing business as Tridentek Global Supply). BBB has determined the Minneapolis address listed on Tridentek’s website is a virtual office. We are trying to learn more about this entity. email received: Welcome to Waterford Management, Inc., taking the lead for world class solutions excellence! Please find attached your Purchase Order. If you require any further information please contact your dedicated Representative who will be your guide to the Purchasing Department: RAY GOODWIN at Ext. 917 [email protected] Please advise your dedicated Representative when the Purchase Order is ready for Pick Up.

Bruce –

Victim Location 32960

Type of a scam Other

Placed order for Janitorial Supplies then closed down operation after picking up product.

Curtis –

Victim Location 59715

Total money lost $25,000

Type of a scam Other

Waterford Management contacted our company to set up an account and purchase janitorial supplies. The credit application seemed to check out. The customer sent a third party trucking company to pick up $25,000 in products, and now they cannot be reached to collect payment.

Julia –

Victim Location 21230

Total money lost $15,000

Type of a scam Other

We are a small, minority owned, janitorial supplies distributor. We were initially contacted by a Waterford Management employee asking for a quote on products we distribute. We supplied Waterford Management the quote and they ordered the products. They filled out a credit report, supplied references and everything checked out fine. We gave thirty days to pay the invoice.

Products were shipped on March 6th, 2017. We received our invoice back on March 13, 2017 stating

Return to Sender

Not Deliverable As Addressed

Unable To Forward

We called and asked why the invoice was returned and were told they have been having problems with their Management Company. We were supplied check number by a Jonathan Sullivan, stating we would have the check by April 7, 2017.

Heather –

Victim Location 02021

Total money lost $25,000

Type of a scam Other

Waterford Mgt filled out a credit application with references. the references gave good reviews but we found out that they were bogus companies and reference. We shipped out $25000 of product. Waterford sent Estes to pick up the product and had it shipped to a 3rd party warehouse in NJ. The third party warehouse had started business in January with them. Once the warehouse had 3-4 pallets Waterford would have the product picked up and we have no idea where the product went to.

Logan –

Victim Location 04103

Total money lost $33,000

Type of a scam Other

Waterford Management purchased over $30,000 worth of laundry products from us and we have yet to be paid. They keep giving us false information about the check being mailed out. We have learned that other suppliers in the New England region have also been scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars in product.

Javier –

Victim Location 79905

Total money lost $18,653.50

Type of a scam Other


Bruce –

Victim Location 06052

Total money lost $24,628.30

Type of a scam Other

Waterford management claims to be a management company servicing hotels and other types of businesses. My first initial contact was from one of their purchasing agents claiming they were opening business in the Northeast region of the US and needed suppliers. We then received a welcome package via fax from Waterford Management with references and bank info. All seemed to check out. After my company researched them, we decided to sell to them. After 60-days we have not been paid and have tried to communicate with Waterford Management with no success. We were promised a check number, and never got it. Several other companies similar to us, have the same experience.

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