Watt Henson/Ashade Oluwasesan

Jennifer –

Victim Location 32449

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

I have a loved one that was friended through facebook messenger. She was romanced by this person Watt Henson. He later started asking for money. He led her to believe that they were in love and in the eyes of God they were married. He claims that he had to leave the US to go to Africa to take care of business. He claims to need money in order for his return home to her. They have not met in person. Due to her longing to be in Love and happy! She has sent him over $1000 dollars through MoneyGram and Western Union transactions. This has been reported to the local authorities for investigation. My loved one seems to refuse that she is being used in such a way and thinks that this man is going to pay her back all the money she has sent him upon his return back to the US.

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