Waven infotech/Red Dot

Tammy –

Victim Location 70122

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a phone call early January 2 about 8am from someone claiming to be a representative from Microsoft/Windows computer company. he told me that he had gotten several alert messages from my computer that were unanswered which may cause my computer to crash and I’d loose valuable information. He told me I needed to log into my computer and he would assist me in correcting my alerts. So I got out of bed and followed his instructions. After logging in he told me the license on the program had expired and I’d have to purchase another license in order for him to correct the problem. This could be accomplished by credit card. I give him my visa card and it seemed that the transaction would not go thru, so he called the credit card company for verification. When he printed the receipt I noticed it was on the note pad and became suspicious; while he put me on hold I called my personal computer service and he told me to shut down the computer which I did. the technicion from Red Dot called several times that day to tell me they weren’t finished the job and they’d loss connection. I told the a thunderstorm had knocked out the power.

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