WAWA International LLC

Eric –

Victim Location 48185

Total money lost $399

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I recieved a phone call stating MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas opened a new location and is giving people free trips there to give reviews on the hotel. Following the review, for participating the company was also going to gift two more vacations for free. A 7 day cruise and a trip for 3 days 4 nights at any Marriot around the country airfare included. You had 18 months to book the initial trip to Las Vegas and the other vacations would be given after you give a review of the new hotel. After paying the company 400$ I received a letter a few months later stating I was scammed by Wawa International LLC. The letter states Wawa is a telemarketing campaign selling worthless Las Vegas vacation packages. I tried calling the phone number I recieved from the bank. (I called the bank to do a charge back) When calling some man answered the phone as if it was his private line. I told him I was trying to reach Wawa international then the phone hung up. I called back immediately a lady answered saying “This is Wawa International, how can I help you”? I told her I wanted to book my hotel for vacation she made up an excuse about being out of the office. It was 2pm on a Friday, normal business hours and would call me Monday to confirm my hotel reservations. I told her about my interaction with the guy that answered the phone initially. She didn’t respond to that. I told her I tried to book with Bonnie before and was unsuccessful. She said Bonnie was in their booking department. But even she couldn’t help me secure my reservation. Bonnie said the company was ran by her son and daughter in law answered they were in Spain at the moment but they would give me a call later that evening. No one ever called to confirm my reservation or contacted me at all. My bank deemed the transaction correct because I gave them my information willingly. So they would not do a charge back to my card. And I keep calling the number I have for this company. The lady isn’t answering. Then she answered and just went silent. I could hear phones ringing in the background, I said that, then she hung the phone up. This people are SCAMMERS!!!! Do not I repeat Do Not give any money to Wawa International LLC. They will take your money and give you nothing in return!

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