Alyssa –

Victim Location 43230

Type of a scam Rental

I am a single mom that fell behind on rent due to unforeseen circumstances. Since my divorce, my credit rating has suffered and I am being evicted from my apartment. I came across this site as I make very good money and need a place for my son and I to move as soon as possible. This site offers a lease guarantor program for a fee of 997.00 to obtain an RIN (renter’s identification number) and they guarantee approval for an apartment regardless of bad credit and eviction. I am running out of time and began the process and was approved and received an email to fill out an application for their services. I decided to check out the company first as this is quite a lot of money and I am in desperate need. I noted their phone number and address to conduct my search. I found on a scam search site that the company is new (under 6 months) and unable to be rated. When I got back on their site, the phone number had changed to an 877 number right before my eyes. It turns out that they do list an address in Jackson, FL. When I did a google search, it came up that other tenants had the same address with different suite numbers. I decided to contact the other tenants to inquire if this is a legitimate place of business. After calling a few tenants, I was unable to reach any of them as the numbers had been disconnected. I did a further search and found a listing for that address and it is a strip mall that is up for sale, abandoned and with no current tenants at this location. I again got on their website to report to ScamPulse.com as this is concerning and if I went through with this and my money was gone, my son and I would have ended up homeless which is horrible to think about. When I got on their site again to fill out the information above, the phone number AGAIN has now changed to an 888 number. I wanted to report this as I believe there is a scam going on and they need investigated. I am also an RN and look out for humankind and do not wish for anybody to be in a horrible predicament as I fear I would have been.

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