WCCM Finance

Claire –

Victim Location 10005

Total money lost $21,000

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Fraudulent Bank Wire Scam.

When Julie checked on her Linkedin account, a message was posted from someone named Ella. She was baiting/soliciting for WCCM. Since we were looking online for a private loan lender to purchase a property, we curiously inquired through her to see if WCCM was what we were looking for. Ella provided an email to contact. Julie visited the WCCM website on 10/31/17 funding . wccm-mgt . com. The fraudulent business mimicked or used the base initials of a legitimate company—at the time, and because the websites appeared legitimate, Julie thought they were one in the same: west coast capital management . com Found online at: WCCM | Home west coast capital management . com they are two separate entities. Julie read the information on the fraudulent website WCCM: Terms & Conditions, Julie read their About Us page, and various Testimonials noted on the website. We reviewed their Facebook page (bogus and since this incident has been removed), and believing all that was written, we decided to move forward with securing a loan through WCCM. This is the website we clicked on: funding . wccm-mgt . com and then sent an email to Roberts Williams, instructions were to read the Terms & Conditions(bogus and since this incident has been removed). Attached are the chronology of emails that were sent by Roberts Williams. He requested copies of our financials; bank statements, proof of electric bills, employer pay stubs, 2015 & 2016 taxes and State ID’s and Passports. All were provided via scanned documents sent to Roberts at WCCM via email. The first loan requested was for re-hab on a home, but the home was taken off the market and we didn’t get to make an offer. Our initial loan documents, an approval letter and amortization re-payment schedules were for $250,000 and $50,000 rehab funds. To secure another property, we asked if we could increase the loan request to $350,000 and $65,000 rehab funds. At that time, Roberts was more than willing to increase our amount and generated another approval letter and amortization re-payment schedules. We were sent the loan agreement for two new separate loans.

We signed both on 11/3/17. At that time, we were informed that the amount of $9,000 would be required to pay for the loan origination fees on 11/2/17. Roberts sent emails to pressure us to send the required fee or the home loans wouldn’t be possible. Then, on 11/6/17, we received a call from Aaron Braun, his boss. Roberts said via email "His Boss” would call us to see what he could do. We were provided with the wiring instructions to send not the $9,000, but $12,500, because of the increase of our loan request. We wired the funds on 11/8/17 Note: The same day we wired the funds to Tupelo, MS, Julie received a call from the Bank there: The caller, a lady, said "oh, sorry, wrong number” and hung up. Julie kept the number on her cell for the police and FBI, in the event there would be a reason to contact that bank in the future. Then, after having sent the $12,500 wire, Aaron called us on 11/8/17 to inform us the amount quoted to us by Roberts Williams was not enough—there were mathematical errors on Roberts part after increasing the loan amount from $250,000 to $350,000. Aaron said it would require an additional $17,500 to provide us with the home loan by Friday 11/10/17. Julie explained we didn’t have that amount. Aaron encouraged asking family members, loan it from a friend, a boss even or anywhere to complete the total loan amount we requested. Aaron even went so far as to say, "Ok, I’ll pay half of the amount if you can come up with the other half". If you foolishly buy into the lie, and we did, we wired that half to another destination. We wired to the new destination, The NSP Association in Houston, Texas $8,500 on 11/10/17.

Complying because we believed we would meet WCCM’s requirements and Aaron/WCCM would, in a timely period of the same day, wire us the agreed upon loan amount. After the money had been confirmed – and in our case, we eagerly contacted Aaron via text and email, after our bank confirmed the wires had been transmitted, due to Veteran’s Day, WCCM expected the $8,500 wire to appear by 11/10/17, but it didn’t until 11/13/17. When the confirmation was made on Tuesday 11/14/17, some arrogant and full of themselves person-who sounded like Aaron-called Julie on her cell (10:46 am from a cell) to inform Julie that she should call her Bank. "you’ve been frauded". Their words not Julie’s…in broken English from whatever country they are from (won’t defame any specific Nation on the map), Julie just doesn’t know what they are by their language, but they don’t speak English well at all!

Immediately, I realized we had been scammed and contacted the Bank to see if we could cancel/recall do something to stop the wires. I explained what I believe had happened to a very helpful Relationship Manger, who assisted me the day before (on 11/13/17) in making sure the $12,500 that hadn’t gone through due to an ‘amended’ error on my Driver’s License that delayed the process on that wire, was ultimately confirmed the morning of 11/14/17. She connected me with the Banks Fraud Dept., that connected me with Banks Recall Dept. who took the information on our claim, located the wires and assigned the case to one of the Recall Dept. Analyst.

Within 24-48 hours they said that person would contact Julie with a status and recovery on our claim, if any. She suggested we also contact the local police. Julie called the Police on 11/14/17 and was told to call the Sheriff’s office to submit a Fraud statement. Also contacting the FBI. From the onset 10/31/17 through today 11/14/17, we have provided all of the emails to us from WCCM. In date order, they essentially detail what has been written in our statement and gave all of the information to the Police and FBI. "We would like to get our money back, but would also like to see these criminals get caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law-if possible!”

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