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Johnny –

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I received an e-mail stating that some wealthy well known successful business man and philanthropist that had passed away and had left the sum of $10,500,000.00 that’s 10 million five hundred thousand dollars to me…ya right…who am i that this wealthy complete stranger to me puts me down on his will…I don’t think so…might be a nice thought but totally illogical which prompted me to look up ScamPulse.com scams in Canada and lo n behold there was one already reported in my own ciry of Ottawa …So there appears to be some scammer living right here in my own town…the thing that troubles me is this, they tried to persuade or influence my thinking by saying that this rich man was a Christian and that HE knew that i would be the perfect candidate to execute his further wishes to assist the underprivaledged…This tells me something…That Religion….namely Christianity is where these scammers are obtaining our information.. so truly heartbreaking and a betrayal to our fellow man in the name of Christ…..People keep your eyes open and your brains alert and stay awake.

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