Weaver World Company

Tara –

Victim Location 11373

Type of a scam Employment

I searched for internship and jobs online on www.internships.com and found virtual internship opportunity for a company that claimed to be Weaver World Company on Thursday at 3/17/16. On Friday, 3/18/16, I received an email on internships.com and text message from the phone # (501)547-3831 to add the manager [email protected] to my Google Hangouts for job briefing and interview. After Kara interviewed me via text message on Google Hangouts, Kara offered me the internship position and asked for information such as my name and address. She also explained that the company pays for the purchase of equipment, so the first paycheck will be mailed to me to purchase working material.

Kara texted me on Monday 3/21/16 and informed me that the first paycheck was being mailed to my address via Fedex. The Fedex tracking# for the was 782631100567. I received an envelope with the paycheck from Fedex on Monday. I went to my bank on Tuesday 3/22/16 and asked about the paycheck. The customer service representative told me that she does not think the paycheck is real. I did not deposit the paycheck as Kara instructed me to since this is not a real paycheck. Therefore, I believe this is a scam to cash out money from my bank account after I deposit the fake paycheck. I also asked Kara for the company website and stopped replying to Kara after no website was provided on Google Hangouts. I hope to report and alert about this. I would also be happy if any investigations can lead to legal actions to stop similar scams spreading in my future job searches. I have attached the fake paycheck mailed to me below.

I filled out the address of the company based on all that appeared on internships.com about the company. I could not get the company website from Kara and I don’t believe this group is the legit Weaver World Company if there is one.

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