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Hillary –

Victim Location 11797

Type of a scam Employment

After listing my resume on Careerbuilder.com, I received an e-mail from "Irene Levinski [email protected]" offering work-from-home employment as a Client Manager for Web 5 Design. After finding identical company information listed on the ScamPulse.com website, I proceeded to fill out and signed Background Check, Employment Agreement, and Form W-4 (2015) IRS documents, and e-mailed back to "Irene Levinski [email protected]" I listed my Social Security number and address on the documents. "Irene Levinski [email protected]" then directed me to "https://web5designpanel.com/login" and instructed me to register and log-on to Web 5 Designs dashboard, where I would be receiving daily Client Management tasks. I became suspicious after I was informed on https://web5designpanel.com/login, by Project Leader/Supervisor Laura Jones that part of my Client Management duties included the (1.) receiving of check payment from clients, (2.) deposit checks into my bank account, and then (3.) send money orders to company Project Leader/Supervisor assigned web developers, located throughout Europe. There was no exchange of money, but my Social Security number and address was provided.

Vanessa –

Victim Location 39901

Type of a scam Employment

I received a scam email:


[email protected] To

[email protected]

Hello Carenda,

You receive this job announcement based on your information posted in online public sources. If you are no longer looking for employment, please ignore this message.

A web developer is currently looking for Client Managers to join their team working remotely. Client Manager’s role is to process feedback from our customers and offer them excellent customer service using our web-based software and electronic communication. No sales, advertising or cold calls will be involved! All new contractors will receive a free online training course and support from assigned supervisors.

The starting salary for Client Managers is $3850 per month plus monthly bonuses for performance. We offer permanent job contracts with full-time and part-time schedules available and a decent benefits package. Please note that though is a work-from-home job opportunity, we accept applications from candidates currently based in the United States only. Relocation or travel will not be required for this position; we do not provide any visa sponsorship either.

If you are interested and would like to apply for the Client Manager position, please reply to this message and we will send you detailed information on the job and the application process. This position is available now, and we are interested in people who can start immediately or no later than in 1-2 weeks.

Best regards,

John Lucas

Senior Recruiter

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