Web Care 365

Clinton –

Victim Location 41031

Total money lost $36.61

Type of a scam Tech Support

Was called about foreign IP addresses getting into my computer. People talking to were foreign and asked to get onto my computer to show me what was happening. Also told me a valid exe program was a trojan virus. I was dumb and let them on. They install lots of software and when checking, most software was weak and poorly rated

and I had better already installed ( they removed some I paid for). I signed up for software for $99.99. I should have know there was a problem when the plan started at 349.99 for 4 years and got it for 99.99 for 8 years. Received calls since from same number telling me I was being hacked. Called help line and right away they want to get on computer but said no. While questioning this tech, he started brushing me off and pretty soon he hung up on me. Called bank and had stop payment on electronic check. Cost me but it may be worth it. Changing all passwords.

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