Manuel –

Victim Location 73130

Total money lost $1,300

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Promised leads and traffic to site with a number of people that will buy or ready to hire. The also pended to build a web ste for my company and set it up how I wanted. They built he web ste but total lie about my company. Used someone else’s photos and used there own contact number and screened all calls also admired to only running the site 8 to 5 and not any weekends.my girlfriend is my partner in the business she used her credit/debit card for initial payment 600 and some dollars.They were told we had a business account and it was a one time charge and they charge the card again next month anyway that was all that was a one time charge. Unsearchable and didn’t hit any more ginger babe I missed it all and couldn’t find it after five or on the weekends we only hit on the top of the search for two days and then was nonrefindable

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