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Allison –

Victim Location 21047

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had a virus on my apple computer… a pop up came on and said they were a tech co that can clear my viruses. I bought a plan from them and than the problem got bigger and I purchased another plan to cover that different problem. Than they said I was hacked and the government was going to fine me or put me in jail if my id pin # was used from my computer to steal money or do anything unlawful.. If I was to purchase this new IP address it would clear me and insurance to cover the new address. I was to go to Walmart and get $2,500 worth of credit cards and they could fix it. Than I will be reimbursed because I had their original insurance plan to cover it. But its a third party and they could not front the money… in 3 days I will get sent a check when the new ip address was installed. They called me after 3 days of working on it and said the hackers stole that too and I was to go get more money to get another ip address installed and covered. Than they called me and said the Walmart gift cards were not activated and I needed more money. Go to Walmart and complain. I did and Walmart confronted me and asked if I was being harassed. I broke down and told them everything. I called the police and made a statement. The caller kept calling me and harassing me now that I won’t get any money back because I wasn’t sending any money back that it was nobody’s fault but Walmart. Make them reimburse you. I said no more…. I’ll take my losses and we both decided to not deal with each other anymore.

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