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Krista –

Victim Location 10028

Total money lost $299.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a pop-up message on my screen appearing to be from Microsoft saying that someone was trying to attack my computer and steal all personal and banking information, etc. and that I must call the number on the screen within the next few minutes or all of my data would be destroyed and my computer disabled. I made the mistake of calling and the person on the phone represented that they were Microsoft agents engaged to "fix" the computer. After much back and forth and doubt on my part I allowed them access and they "cleaned" the system and "repaired" it but only after I agreed to pay. They "installed" a "security" program called "HelpbyTech" and said I could call their "help number" of 844-322-6495 at any time. Their pressure tactics were quite aggressive and they pushed very hard for me to issue a check by phone because "it’s more secure" but I gave them a credit card number. They said my computer should be "serviced" monthly and they would call monthly to do so. I then called HP, my service provider, and they explained that this is a common scam and that the phone numbers were likely fake or would be disabled. I called my credit card company to have the charge canceled. I never received any receipt as requested or email detailing the "services" I would receive. My card company said they would handle the dispute and I have had my card canceled and replaced. It may be some time before the issue is resolved.

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