Web Evolution

Alyssa –

Victim Location 44092

Total money lost $141

Type of a scam Employment

Advertised on TV. Asked to call and leave message if interested in home based business. Next they told me to go to a website and spend $89.00 for leads. They then asked for additional money which I turned down. They kept offering more business support for additional money and I said pressed no each time–qat least three different times. I was called several hours later by my credit card company who told me that $37.00 was first charged and poked and then a couple days later, May 1, 2018 $97.00 was also put through my charge account. Then I spoke to Jordan K. at 844-383-5350 x. 328 and he said he’d back the charges out of my card giving me credit (within 5 business days) especially since I was not charged correctly ($89 urned to $37 and no new charge was turned to $97). He then said that my husband and I would have a conference call with him and the CEO the next day at 6:45 p.m. Then when there was no call I called the fraud unit of my credit card back and they went into the account to shut down the account and issue me new cards. They also told me that they charged me another $97.00 instead of crediting the account.

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