Web Rot

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 78247

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

Web Root hi-jacked our computer. In order to get computer operating we would have to pay. After long questioning on our part ( thinking something was wrong with this….they were holding us, our computer for ransom) we gave in gave our credit card and services were restored. The cost was 200.00. They said for that we would receive 2 months of service with the tech. 2 months later they called and said their services would end and we needed to pay for services to continue. So we started the process again. In the middle of that process…I decided to decline…following a long discussion with the Tech another person got on the line and preceded to curse me out using the most profane language.He said I had used up valuable time on the phone…. I hung after saying they were a fraudulent operation…and after hearing what I just heard I new it. Web Root has continued to call, sometimes 3 times a day for the past couple months. When I do talk with them They never provide a phone number or address. Believe this company needs to be checked into.

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