Web Tech World LLC

Ann –

Victim Location 79707

Type of a scam Tech Support

They flashed up a big sign: Your Computer has been attacked by a virus; Zeus! (?) sign up for 5 year firewall security; free anti virus (mcafee). Hepline number::1-855-811-6366; $499; total registration $598.00; pay by check made out to I FIX PC. For "Bill Pay" sign in to: https://cw411.checkfreeweb.com/cw411/wps?rq=home&sp=13191. They got into my computer and started moving things around!! You were supposed to write a check to them, pay to the order of I FIX PC and sign your name. They would install a camera app, take a picture of your check, even make sure they got all the numbers on the check.

Dana –

Victim Location 61001

Total money lost $696.96

Type of a scam Tech Support

Voice window opening up on browser saying to call this number to repair computer or the computer will no longer function

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