Webb and Associates

Joy –

Victim Location 79782

Type of a scam Phishing

A lady named Aubry Campbell left me a voicemail saying I had a civil suit pending against me and that it was MANDATORY I contact them today. They left the same message with my daughter and husband. Although I suspected a scam, I called the number. A man answered the phone, and there was a TV playing in the background, and asked for a reference number. I gave the one provided, he asked me to confirm my name and last four digits of my SS#. I told him I needed to know what this was about first. He strongly stated that this was legal matter and he couldn’t give out that information until I confirmed the numbers he gave me. I told him I wasn’t giving personal information until I knew more and he stated "You don’t understand this is a legal matter and I can’t give you that information." I replied "You don’t understand that no BBB or attorney would instruct me to give that information until I knew what it was for." He stated "That isn’t how this works" and then he hung up. I contacted the BBB and the clerks office and both told me it was a scam. They used various numbers to call me today: 815-415-8332, 726-444-5272, and a restricted number.

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