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I enquired about a tractor for sale on Houston, TX craigslist. After initial delayed replies suggesting CL site communication wasn’t working, we arranged for email exchange of information. I requested information which was not too forthcoming. The latest email is below asking for payment through a barely searchable website:

Hello ***,

No problem. The tractor is also listed with WMC I was talking about, so I think it would be easier to just send you the link: https://www.webbymotors.com/Inventory_1/farmequipment/149033.html

Sorry for using acronyms, I should have mentioned it from the beginning and spare some conversation time. WMC stands for WebbyMotors & Consignment or webbymotors.com and it’s a consignment service for vehicles and large items mostly. A quick look on their website should give you an idea about how they work or what they are exactly, but since you’ve mentioned you are not familiar with the service I can give you a quick rundown of the process. There are a few things worth mentioning.

First, the tractor is already stored with them, so should you be interested in buying it, you must go through their website by registering as a buyer. Once your registration is complete, they will send an Invoice with step by step instructions on how to complete the transaction: payment instructions, your bill of sale, transaction info etc. You must follow the payment instructions to send and confirm the payment with WebbyMotors & Consignment and the shipping process will start once that’s completed. The shipping should not take long … according to their website, they guarantee to have anything delivered in maximum 5 business days, but I am sure it will take less since that’s their margin.

So that’s the basic buying process. There’s also a delivery inspection and a 7 day money back guarantee which means that you will have an WMC representative on site at delivery to answer your questions if you have any … or to show you how things work. The 7 Day money back guarantee starts the day the tractor is delivered, not the day it is shipped. It actually starts the moment you sign the delivery papers. This costs nothing as it is part of their guarantees.

The tractor was also pre inspected before even being listed for sale and passed their inspection flawlessly.

They also have a return policy which makes me responsible for everything in case you need to return it, which I am confident it won’t be the case. We know what we’re selling.

So that should be it…. can’t think of anything else I should mention and I don’t want to make this email longer than it already is. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Also, please consider that if you register as a buyer for our tractor, it will also make it unavailable to other people and I have a few interested. So should you be interested in buying, make sure you understand the process completely or ask any questions before you register….I am sure neither of us have any time to loose.

Thank you,

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