Webcare Solutions

Cassie –

Victim Location 75241

Type of a scam Tech Support

I logged into my computer and it showed all these pop ups of malware, computer virus and so on. There was a number to call for the repairs; I called the number they said they worked through the Microsoft company. Thinking this was legit, I allowed them to clean up the virus and was willing to pay them. However, as the day went on I became more skeptical about the company. I googled the address they gave me; this happens to be a residential area in Plano, TX. I called Dell tech support explained my concerns; they went in checked my computer for viruses and removed all apps that Webcare Solutions added. I then contacted Microsoft and found out that they do not use this company and for me not to trust any of these sites. That it’s a SCAM and they’re trying to defraud me and steal personal information. I was also informed to call The Federal Trade Commission. I called FTC and made a report and I also changed my email address and closed my bank account. I was also told to block their phone numbers and not to talk to them and do not send any money to them and if they threaten to take me to court, to let them do so.

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