Alicia –

Victim Location 46901

Type of a scam Debt Collections

It started out asking my name in saying that I owed money to a company called web alone I’ve never heard of this company this is the first call I have received I’ve never received any mail I was immediately suspicious So I decided to find out how this money was dispersed they could not tell me they couldn’t tell me anything really they said that they was in mediating company and that they were getting ready to send it to The court system in my county they knew my name my Social Security number and my place Of employment They also told me that someone made six payments on this account and maybe I forgot that I had taken out a loan I know everything I’ve ever done I literally religiously keep track of it all I was extremely frustrated with this she kept talking about taking it to court taking it to court I am trying to repair my credit not destroy it so I said don’t take it to court I need some time to research this you try to tell me by the end of the day I had to make it decision I said I need to Monday it’s Saturday I haven’t got back yet I tried to get information on the original creditor they could not provide me nothing but the last four of the account number they told me the loan was taken out a year ago Very frustrated I finally got off the phone and started my research could not find either company The original creditor or the company that was calling me Found a company that looks like it could be the right company called it a ring in my name and Social Security number was a loan company they said no you don’t have anything here they proceed to tell her what happened and she said didn’t sound right and she never heard of them either so I got on my phone and start to give my emails to see what was going on my life a year ago I couldn’t even get loan a year ago I tried But it was a company that I had heard Because I would never use a company that I had not heard

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