Yolanda –

Victim Location 83703

Total money lost $499

Type of a scam Tech Support

Locke up my pc with note: my Mac os is infected with spyware and needs to be removed. Loud alarm bells sounded. the number to contact them was 1-888-514-1416. A man with India accent answered and convinced me my pc was infected and explained how they would help. To make a long story short, he convinced me to spend 499.00, I gave him a cc number and ok’ed it. He sent me (supposedly) to another tech support line. I watched thinking he was cleaning up my pc said to not use my pc for 90 minutes. Said they would call me the next day to verify things. After reading some information a friend sent me I realized I had been scammed. I have not answered the phone calls which are many and from different numbers. Alerted my cc company and cancelled the card. Changed some passwords but not comfortable my pc is not compromised. I reported it to the FTC. If you would like any other information let me know.

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