Autumn –

Victim Location 16602

Type of a scam Tech Support

Once you register for this website, & you login, it gives you a link to copy & paste on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Now this link leads others to the website explaining how that person can then make $5 per every person that clicks on ‘their link.’ SAME exact thing that you, yourself just did & that’s the whole point of the website. Basically the site needs traffic to gain popularity. Once you’ve reached $300.00, you can supposedly cash it out through PayPal, Western Union, or send a check. Plus there is no max. Limit. There’s a FAQ page that explains everything.

SO, after you go around putting this link all over social media, you go back to the website & login and it shows the # of people that have visited the link (that day & since you’ve registered). And its showing how much you’re making and how much more you need until you reach $300.00. It looks pretty legit. But of course, it’s not!

WELL then my mom clicked on my link from her laptop & her virus protection program popped up before she could go any further telling her that it was a risky site and that the site has applications that will try to steal information. Also that the link was coming from Panama but faked to look like it’s set up in Sweden.

So obviously she cancelled and then blocked the site! Shortly after that happened. I reached $305.00 & the button changed to let me "request payment" & when I clicked on it, I was taken to a website that didn’t exist. It was a BIG waste of time. The site also has information from my phone and God only knows what else.

I also tried searching online about the website and I couldn’t find anything bad about it, but I also couldn’t find anything good or legit about it either.

SO hopefully this story will get shared and people can stop wasting time and/or stop getting information stolen off of them.

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