Colleen –

Victim Location 55426

Total money lost $58

Type of a scam Employment

It began with a phone call (voice mail in my case since I do not answer calls from numbers I do not immediately recognize) from someone claiming to be Sarah from She said that she saw my resume online (which is likely since I am job searching) and that Amazon is hiring 23 people in making $17-$32/hour to type in product descriptions and reviews. That sounded easy enough, so I went to the website to "sign up." The website address took me to an ad for a "simple" way to make money by building websites and linking them to Amazon or Ebay or similar sites. The video explained that it was a simple as pushing a button and you’d be up and running, making $500 a day. SO, I clicked through and it cost me $47 to continue with the videos explaining each step. There were offers for more for more money each time, but I skipped them all (thank goodness). One of the first steps was to go to a website called to acquire a domain name for your 1st website and that cost $11.16. I was leery but since it was not much money, I went ahead. I spent a solid business day (8 hours) today going through the steps and it was not simple at all. There seemed to be snags at every turn and each took time to work through and one of the main ones could not be worked through at all which left me with a website with no content and not making any money. I was frustrated and angry at having lost a whole day from my real job search. When I requested my money back from, (which is also known as, Amazon Cashe Website, and MSW System) they fought me a little, however, I stood my ground and eventually got them to cancel my "subscription" and refund all my money. I did not approach for my money back because I actually do own my domain name for the next year and I can do something else with it.

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