Anna –

Victim Location 32127

Total money lost $249.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

On Dec 4, 2015, I used a website called WEFIX that I was directed to by HP Computer Service in order to install a wireless printer; they were unable to do that but reinstalled my original hard-wired printer and charged me $249.99 on my Capital One Credit Card; I disputed the charge but it was eventually upheld which I paid. WEFIX stated that I now had a Life-Time Protection on my Computer. Day before yesterday (26 April) I received a call from them stating that their was a "hacker problem" and they needed to fix my computer. I logged off and they took over my computer and erased a bunch of files, then brought up my Credit Union account log in and wanted me to log into my account, stating they were going to refund my $249.99 because they were closing their IT unit and so could no longer give me protection. When I refused to log into and open my account they because very insistent and I told them to send the refund to me by mail, they said they could only refund electronically, I replied that they could send the refund directly to my Credit Union account in my name and it would be deposited. They became very agitated and froze and ultimately locked my computer completely, establishing a new log-in with their password. Yesterday, 27 April, they called me again and again asked me to open my account and stated that if I wanted my computer back I would have to pay them $500. I said absolutely not. Now my computer will not even turn on. The original phone number on the charge was WEFIX LLC832-3653404TX; the phone number they used on the 26th and 27th was a Florida number: 239-349-4983. Thank you for your help,

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