Weinstein and Riley Mediation Services LLC

Michelle –

Victim Location 34239

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a voicemail from this phone number stating: "This is Patricia Riley with Weinstein and Riley Mediation Services LLC. You have a pending case in our office that requires your immediate attention. It is imperative that I speak with you or with your attorney of record today. If I do not hear back from you or your attorney of record, I will document you have waived your rights to council, and submit your case.Govern yourself accordingly."

After researching the provided company name, and yielding no results, I returned the call to request further information. The "company" provided an old address of mine, an old email from a prior employer, and only had my maiden name on file. They stated they had a client, whom they would not name, that stated they received a payday loan in my name, and possessed a fraudulent check, and were going to press charges. I informed them that I had never had an account with that specific bank, and they disconnected the call. I never received information on an amount, or the client name, or any pertinent information. I also do not have any accounts in bad standing under my credit, this has been verified multiple times with all three credit reporting agencies.

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