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Victim Location 64083

Type of a scam Employment

NOTE: I could not download the document I received because it was in a "Protected View" which means it could have contained a virus from the internet. I do not know if this is a scam or not, however, I checked out the ScamPulse.com scam site and found a description very similar to what I received today. The only difference is the location (which I determined by looking at the zip code location noted). Here is a copy of the email which included an employment contract attached to it. What was interesting to me is that if you couldn’t start immediately within seven days, they didn’t want you to apply..

Start of email:

Your resume was found in CareerBuilder database and we believe that your experience and knowledge would perfectly match part-time position of a Part-time Assistant that needs to be fulfilled.

The details are as follows:

Title: Virtual assistant

Type of employment: Part-time

The following is required:

* 18 + y.o.; legal U.S. residents only!

* Diligence and ability to meet deadlines;

* Possess good knowledge of the city and geography of surrounding areas. Knowledge of local area, places, restaurants etc to provide to hotel guests.

* PC user; MS Office or alternative software.

* Printer and scanner availability

* Must be available to answer phone calls from HR manager during business hours

* check email regularly for new assignments

* Can Start within the few next days

The job involves assisting our clients both from home doing internet researches and locally if our clients visit your area. This job requires approximately 3-4 hours a day. Ability to combine with other type of employment.


* $30K/Year and Bonuses from clients

* Automatic 10% increases in six-month intervals

* Mon-Fri, no Sundays required

* Medical, dental, disability insurance with dependent option after 60 days

* Employee Purchase Plan

* Paid One month trial period. You get $2,500.00 Regular tasks, mostly from home.

If you match requirements stated above and wish to apply for this part-time job opportunity, please email us your confirmation. We’re looking forward to receiving your resume. We will contact you soon.

PS: Please disregard this notification if you are not looking for a job anymore.

Best Regards,

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