Wellness Program/Quality RX

Janelle –

Victim Location 80524

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I Work for an insurance company as a Customer Specialist. Larimer County employees HR contacted me with a concern one of our members had. She received a call from the "Wellness Center" advising she was chosen to receive a box of wellness gifts that would include lotion, allergy medicine, etc. The member asked if this was through her employer and the caller said yes. The callers verified her home address (which she did not give them) then asked for her health insurance member id. The member said she would have to contact her benefits personnel to verify if this was legitimate, the caller agreed and said to call her back at 970-788-1677. After getting the email from HR, I tried to call the number. I got a nice guy named Roberto Provolone "like the cheese" he said. He started to go into the reason he called me… I stopped him and said you didn’t call me, I called you. Roberto said oh yes that is right but you are returning my call. I stated no I am calling on behalf of an insurance company that you are supposedly representing. he says we represent hundreds of insurances and are known across the country. I asked to speak to a supervisor and Roberto said he IS the supervisor. I was advising that we did not have them as a vendor for any wellness program and he kept trying to change the subject and go over what they had to offer. I asked him for a tax id number and he says sure let me get that for you. I am placed on hold for a few minutes and he comes back and says ok the number is 3636(muffled words) then something about " the last 4." Roberto then very quickly starts to talk about the program again. I stop him and say you only gave me the first 4 numbers of the tax id number. He says yes of course it is …… Then he hung up on me.. I called right back and this time I got a girl named Victoria from Quality RX. she started to go into a her speech then hung up. I called 2 more times where you could hear some one picked up and the back ground noise but both times they just hung up after me saying "hello"? I called back one more time and the person on the other end said nothing. I said I was calling the police and then someone just started laughing and laughing and laughing…. then hung up.

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