Bonnie –

Victim Location 28670

Total money lost $9

Type of a scam Other

I took my boyfriend out to eat at longhorn on Hanes mall Blvd Winston -Salem NC Fri Oct,23rd, 2015. I really wanted to use cash because last year a waitress wrote in a $5 tip for herself off my debit card after being tipped with cash @the Long horn near Wendover Ave. I always check my account online to see my available balance. So when i checked it my debit from longhorn was accurate, but there was a charge for Wendy’s in New Orleans LA Wendy"s have this app where you can order and pay online!!! i called every Wendy’s restaurant there was no Wendy’s with the store number associated with the one that billed my account. Thieves are setting up false business with legitimate and well known names and slowly taking from people accounts. The bank said good thing i caught it early and closed the account, because there was a Jimmy johns online order from New Orleans attempt that posted a couple days later but by then i had already closed that account. The bank told me that they thieves try to take little by little so the victim wont notice!!! I have never been to New Orleans and i sure didn’t drive there over night for Wendy’s and to think about when the transaction was made Wendy’s wasn’t open yet!!!

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