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Type of a scam Employment

Juliana Flores

Feb 1 (4 days ago)


Your contact information has been transferred to me from our HR

managers. All further hiring process will be going through me.

Request 01-678D4843-2/1/2018-01

My name is Juliana Flores and I am a Senior Manager at Wenx Insurance, LLC.

You have received this email due to your interest in proposed vacancy.

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To obtain more information about this opportunity please follow the link below or respond, otherwise please ignore this email. If you will have any questions at this point – don’t hesitate to ask me directly. Have a good day.

All detailed information about proposed position you can find

at our web site.

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Best regards,

Juliana Flores,

Wenx Insurance, LLC

Wenx Insurance, LLC, 3 Mill Rd Ste 220, Wilmington, DE, 19806, United States, http://wenx-ins.com/about-us.html


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