West Pharmaceutical Services Inc.

Marissa –

Victim Location 39667

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Employment

After filling out several job applications on indeed.com, someone by the name of Marissa Bailey (Email [email protected]) emailed me stating that the recruitment team had reviewed my resume published on (www.apploi.com) (yes this was one I had applied for, as I had went back and checked on Indeed) even showed the name of the position I applied for. She told me that I needed to email the personnel manager Mr. ERIC RESNICK and follow-up immediately, as my response matter a lot. Everything would be done online via Google Hangout. After getting the app on my phone (which I though was quite odd but I went with it as my family are having a hard time financially right now) we went through a normal interview. He asked questions as a normal employer would. So I thought nothing of it. Well he got back to me and stated I had been hired for the position. So, we went through the process of paperwork being drawn up for me to sign and send back in. Then they asked me to send them a $50.00 STEAM WALLET GIFT CARD to pay for the download of the software on the computer I would be receiving. I unknowing sent him the card. Then a few minutes later they asked for the same thing again as it was not enough to cover the coast of the download. My mother looked at it and after asking a friend turns out the card was a video game card. Then I contacted the BBB and found out they were a fraudulent company. Several times after that Eric has email me asking for the card. After telling him I had a family emergency I had to take care of, he still proceeded to ask me for the card on Monday morning.

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