West Star Post

Kathryn –

Victim Location 31419

Type of a scam Employment

west star post is a mailing scam. they offer you employment to ship packages…then after 30 days youre suppose to get paid but instead they block your number and your dashboard login. they manager name is supposedly oscar merino. do not fall for the scam. it sounds good but its a bogus job.

Jonathon –

Victim Location 80109

Type of a scam Employment

This company offered me a work from home job to be a shipping inspector. They said the pay would be $560/week. In this position I received packages at my home, I was told to inspect the items and repackage the items and place new labels they emailed me which were either UPS or Fed Ex labels. I then dropped the packages off at each location. Researching this company, they are a scam. They are using stolen credit card numbers to purchase items and then they have people like me reship these items. Basically they use me to launder stolen merchandise. Unfortunately I provided very sensitive information like Social, address and DL number. They seemed extremely legit. In fact they even had a supposed HR rep call me to see how I was doing. After 1 month they disappeared. I never received payment and now I cannot get a hold of them. BEWARE!!!

Shawna –

Victim Location 88210

Type of a scam Employment

Weststar post is a scam. Everything sounds legit. But there not. If you give them your personal info. They use this to purchase stuff and have it shipped to other for redistubute. Mark carrea. Oscar merino. David are the people who were pise to be my supers. STAY AWAY!!!

Philip –

Victim Location 55944

Type of a scam Employment

They say you will make 2400 dollars inspecting packages then when its time to get your paycheck they wont send one and they will disconnect their phone numbers and emails.

Ashley –

Victim Location 76205

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job online for for shipping inspector. A lady name Patricia(HR dept) call me to offer me job. She explained I will received about 15 packages a week in mail, that I will reship after checking to their warehouse. I will get paid 560 dollars a week. She emailed me an Employment Contact to sign. I check the company website us.weststarpost.com. Not much information about the company. I called back the toll free number found on the website. Same lady Patricia pickup the phone and told me that company is registered with the state of New Jersey. I check sate of New Jersey website and they have no record of such business. I called BBB, Federal Trade commission, FBI; found nothing. It doesn’t look like a legit business. I did not lose any money.

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