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Jake –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I have have the worst credit. And am trying to fix it. The bank turned me down for $3000 over 2 years. I have 3 payday loans cycling. ANYWHO, I looked to the Internet online loan approval companies as a last resort. I went to loans Canada or whatever, filled out some basic info. Within 10min, I got about 4 calls. 3 companies being legit…(turning me down). 1 sparked my attention. Westbanklendingroup.com

Told me I was approved for $20,000 loan. I asked what the catch was.

Option 1 – put up a vehicle that you own outright which is 4 years or newer.

Option 2- get a co-signer who owns a home out right

Option 3-pay a 1 time liability fee to a broker who will lend you the money.

Obviously anyone desperate for a loan cannot choose option 1 or 2. So 3 it is. Send  $1240.79 via email money transfer and the broker will transfer 20k into your account within 3 hrs.

Well, I did my homework and it is illegal for any legitimate lender to ask for up front fees.

I strung "cotton morris" along and when I asked him about his business and office addresses/location, he got flustered, irate and hung up on me. I called the next day and left him a message saying that I reported him to CAFC. The number was not in service 2 days after. Although website is still there. Arrgh

Kurt –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Sounded fishy that theg would ask an advance for a loan

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