Western Assets

Shane –

Victim Location 43150

Type of a scam Debt Collections

We got a call yesterday from a debt collector Rick Adams, from Western Assets in California, who said he was collecting on an old account from *** *** Bank. He had all of our personal information, including businesses that my father-in-law owned. He said the debt was $1400 and it’s now $4800, and if we don’t pay now, we will be in court. He said he would put a lien on the property. He asked what we could pay him today to get it settled. He was rude, and talked over me. He said the debt was sold from UCR. We called the bank and they said the account was a defunct savings account from 2006. He did not have an accent.

Shanna –

Victim Location 28311

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A voicemail was left on my phone and my parent’s phone to call back about documents being delivered. When I called the number back I was told that I had an outstanding credit card bill with Citibank from 2007 and this courier service was trying to deliver court documents but needed to verify my address. I did not have a Citibank account then (I currently have one) and what was most concerning is this company had my correct social, DOB and address. When I began to question the representative, Yolanda, she became very rude and would not provide me with her contact information. What is puzzling to me is why my local Sheriff’s Department is not trying to serve me "court documents" and how this "couriers service" can find me so easily but the credit card company that I currently have and "several debt collection companies" can not.

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