Western Government

Shanna –

Victim Location 95831

Type of a scam Government Grant

Was contacted by Western Government Grant, by a Sylvia stating that I had been selected from thousands of individuals to receive a $9000.00 grant free and clear. I asked her whats the catch? She stated that not having any bankruptcies within the last 6 months, paying taxes on time, and a voter, was how I was selected amongst other lucky recipients. She then confirmed my address, state and zip code. Then said I could spend the money on whatever I wished, just no alcohol….or such…. Then was asked how did I wish to receive the money, Bank deposit, or Money Gram. Gave me a confirmation number and phone number ((206)-462-5279) to call and speak with Steve Parker (Senior Accountant), giving him the confirmation number and he would execute the distribution of funds. Called above number and spoke with Steve. He stated I needed ID and $274.00 cash. Was for identification purposes with the Federal Reserve (JOKE), which would be given back to me with the $9000.00 I would be receiving, if I was to receive the money by tomorrow, since they would be closing in about 1 hour for the Holidays, go immediately to a bank or Western Union of choice, then call him back with further instructions. Well, he’s still waiting for that "CALL!" Aren’t I suppose to receiving the money, not sending him money? Whats wrong with this picture….Please watch out, IF IT SOUND TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS!!!

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